About me

I am a third year Phd student under the supervision of Márton Elekes at the Eötvös Loránd University. My research interest is mainly desctriptive set theory and real analysis.
E-mail: vidnyanszkyz'at'gmail'dot'com


1. ZV: Transfinite inductions producing coanalytic sets, Fund. Math. 224 (2014), 155-174.
2. M. Elekes, ZV: Haar null sets without G_\delta hulls, to appear in Israel J. Math.
3. V. Kiss, ZV: Unions of regular polygons with large perimeter-to-area ratio, submitted
4. M. Elekes,, V. Kiss, ZV: Ranks on the Baire class \xi functions, submitted


Trends in Set Theory, 2012, Warsaw
European Set Theory Conference, 2013, Mon St Benet, most of the questions are answered here.
Winter School, 2014, Svratka
Winter School, 2014, Svratka, Viktor Kiss' slides on ranks on Baire class \xi functions